Essential Horoscope Report

Essential Horoscope


Essential Horoscope Report contains more than 40 pages that covers prospects of Education, Profession, Marriage, Travel, Tour and Foreign journey, Recommendation for  suitable Gemstone, Rudraksh. Please see the sample reports in English and Hindi.

English Essential Horoscope Sample Report
Hindi Essential Horoscope Sample Report

Product Description

Essential Horoscope Report contains the following Vedic Astrological Particulars:

Main Details, Avakahada Chakra, Planetary Positions, BhavSphutas & Kundalis, Maitri Chakra, Shad Varga, Sapt Varga, Dash Varga, Shodash Varga, Sudarshan Chakra, Graha Avashthas(Planetary States),Saturn Transit (Shani-Sadhesati), General Predictions Related to Native, General Characteristics, Mental Characteristics, Physical Appearance, Qualities, Negative Traits, Special Characteristics, Profession, Benefic and malefic Planets, Important personalities belonging to Aquarius Ascendant, General Predictions from Various Astrological Constants, Results of birth in Barahaspatya ‘Samvatsara'(60 Jovian Years), Results of Birth in Soura ‘Ayan’

Results of Birth in ‘Ritu'(Seasons),Results of Birth in ‘Masa'(Month), Results of Birth in ‘Paksha’,  Result of Birth in Weekday, Results of Birth in Day or Night, Results of Birth in Surya-Sidhanta Yoga, Results of Birth in Tithi, Results of Birth in Karana,  Results of birth in Nakshatra, Results of Birth in Lagna, Results of Birth in Hora, Results of Birth in Drekkana, Results from Position of Pranapada, Results from Position of Gulika, Results of birth in ‘Gana’,  Results of birth in ‘Varna’, Planetary Combinations (Yoga) Applicable in Kundali (Chart), Important Yogas Applicable in Kundali(Chart), Applicable Chandra Yoga in Kundali(Chart), Applicable Ravi Yoga in Kundali(Chart), Applicable Nabhasha Yoga in Kundali(Chart), Applicable Dhana Yoga in Kundali(Chart), Applicable Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga in Kundali(Chart), Predictions of Planets situated in Various Signs and Houses,  Results from Position of Sun,  Results from Position of Moon, Results from Position of Mars,  Results from Position of Mercury, Results from Position of Jupiter, Results from Position of Venus, Results from Position of Saturn, Results from Position of Rahu, Results from Position of Ketu,  Results from Position of Uranus, Results from Position of Pluto, Recommendation for suitable Gemstone (Ratna),   KaalSarpa Yoga analysis,  Checking the Prospect Of Education, Checking Prospect of Profession, Checking Prospect of Marriage, Travels and  Tours & Foreign Journey.


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