We at understand the importance of privacy of your information shared with us. We need your personal information for the purpose of calculating astrological prediction only.

We recommend you to please read this carefully to understand our privacy policy in regard to your shared personal information with us.

– We at guarantee confidentiality of our user’s personal information like, birth related information or any personal information shared with us to the extent possible as per the law of information  security guidelines.

-We guarantee that personal information shared with us is used to calculate astrological prediction only as per the requirement of  user and has no other use.

– Users are allowed to access their   profiles and update personal information, as they feel to do so.

– We do not share user’s personal information to anyone.

Due to developments of new requirements from internal or external environment we may update our privacy policy to meet the requirements of new developments. However, this updated privacy policy will not anyway affect the privacy of the user’s personal information. But, if such circumstances arise we will be compelled to share your personal information to some authority.

We recommend you to please read this carefully to understand our privacy policy written below.

  1. Personal information that we collect
  2. Registration information

Users are required to provide accurate information as per the format of registration. This information is used to calculate astrological prediction only as per the requirement of user. Users are responsible to maintain and keep confidentiality of registration identification (normally it is user’s email id) and password. Registered users are themselves responsible for all uses of account, whether or not actually or expressly authorized by them. Password can be changed if the users wish to do so by following instructions on the website. Users are required to agree with our privacy policy to become a registered user. Users are required to agree to notify of any unauthorized use of account or any other breach of security known to them immediately.

  1. Tracking users log files, IP address & cookies

We at and our service provider may track user’s hardware to assess user’s activity on our website if we feel to do so. This is for regular demographic survey purpose only but, not for personal tracking. We may use your IP address to take trial of our software performance or for administration purposes.

  1. Information provided for Paid services

Apart from registration information provided by users we ask for information in text detailing the purpose for which users taking paid services. All the information that is shared with us will be kept confidential and will be used for calculating astrological prediction. Birth place, time, name and prediction will be kept confidential and will be shared back to the original requester only.

  1. Information provided in feedback

We expect to receive legitimate and genuine feedback from users for the purpose of improvement of our services. Personal information, name, email-id, address and feedback shared with us will be kept confidential. We at may incorporate in our services after proper assessment of its merit and demerits.

  1. Secured Payment Gateway

Once the registered user decides to buy our services need to provide credit card details, name and credit card number, date of expiry, email-id and address to process the order. This will be done by international standard third party payment gateway service provider. However, we do not assure that such transactions will be 100% error free or risk free from any unauthorized access of your information.

  1. Privacy policy for other sites linked with

We may link other websites for a number of reasons. Users are required to follow privacy policies for those sites separately; will not take any responsibility for privacy policies for other sites.

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Last updated 01 January 2018.