Frequently Asked Questions of www.astrolipi.com


1.Why do I choose astrolipi.com?

Answer: It is the best astrology website based on moon rashi. It’s easy to place order online and provides simple remedial solution. It’s affordable almost by everyone.

2.Why do I need to register in astrolipi.com?

Answer: Once you register with astrolipi.com we can process your order fast and accurate. We can trace back your analysis in future as well if such need arises.

3.How do I choose my user id in astrolipi.com?

Answer: You may choose your any valid email id (example@yahoo.com) for ease of remembering. However, you are free to choose any other id you like.

4.I have forgotten my password, how to get my password?

Answer: You may reset your password again following the simple instructions in forgotten password link.

5.What languages astrolipi.com gives report?

Answer:You have option to obtain your report in  English and  Hindi,  languages. Please select it from list.

6.In what currency I can pay to astrolipi.com?

Answer: You can pay in Indian Rupee. Select your option while placing your buy order.

7.Can I buy Gemstone and Rudraksh from astrolipi.com?

Answer: We do not sell Gemstone or Rudraksh. We recommend Gemstone and Rudraksh as an optional remedial solution. However, if user wishes can buy it from other outlets.

8.I do not have credit card, how can I buy service from astrolipi.com?

Answer: You can pay through Credit Card, Debit Card or net banking option.  Please see all options in payment page.

9.Can I get free report from astrolipi.com?

Answer: Please visit our free services page   for the total list of free services. Please fill the information in the format and submit it to get report..

10.How long it takes to deliver report in astrolipi.com?

Answer: Once you place your buy order along with registration information, you will be redirected to report generation page and will be able to generate report instantly online.

11.Can I buy service for others from my account?

Answer: Yes you can buy service for others also using your account.

12.I have lost my report can I get duplicate report?

Answer: Yes you can ask for duplicate report along with your registration information and date of last report within 14 days.

13.How many services can I buy in single order?

Answer: You can buy any number of paid services in single buy. Please mention that whether this is for single registration information or for different registrations.

14.How do I contact astrolipi.com?

Answer: You can use our Contact Us format to send your message; you can e-mail us. For detail please visit Contact Us page.

15.Can I give feedback to astrolipi.com?

Answer: We expect any legitimate and genuine feedback from our users for the purpose of improvement of our services. You may use Contact Us page for giving feedback us.

16.How do I update my registration information?

Answer: You can update your registration at any time if you feel to do so. Please mention in the remarks the reason for update in Registration page.

Last updated on 1st January, 2018.