Disclaimer of www.astrolipi.com

The astrolipi.com takes utmost care to calculate astrological prediction based on the information provided by the users as per the registration format in registration page of this website. Our objective is to predict astrological aspects of an individual to analyze different aspects of life and hence to derive maximum benefits out of it and lead a peaceful life ahead.

Although our effort has been put to benefits of user from the principle of Vedic astrology, we do not warrant expressed or implied that these predictions are accurate, complete or meet the all expectations of users.

We at astrolipi.com disclaim any warranty of losses or damages due to applying the predictions provided by us. It is at the full discretion of user to apply the prediction to them.

We disclaim expressed or implied any damage to the user’s hardware, software or data due to accessing our website. User is fully responsible to decide to access our website for taking any services and bear the full responsibility of any damage or losses due to it.

We at astrolipi.com may update the disclaimer to fit the changing situations form internal or external source.

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Last updated 01 Jan 2018